• Climate change is real, catastrophic, and largely caused by human activities

  • Money is not a purpose but a result

  • Don't miss opportunities of learning 

  • We consume more than we need

  • We should slow down and reflect on our privileges

  • We should remember people's names

  • Vegan people are very courageous and generous

  • Many brands don’t really care about people or environment, just about sales

  • Biking is better than driving

  • We can improve people's lives and not just sell new trash

  • Life is too short to let moments scape

  • Racist jokes are not funny

  • Animal agriculture is the biggest cause of greenhouse gas emissions

  • Governments should invest more in education than in weapons

  • Eating meat is not healthy

  • Trump represents the perfect anti-environmentalist

  • Indigenous people have a better relationship with earth

  • Bullfighting is cruel and unnecessary 

  • Programmed obsolescence is a dirty move of companies

  • We should not use plastic bags and plastic straws

  • Oil palm is killing the Amazon forest

  • The consumption of cocaine is killing ecosystems in Colombia

  • Fracking should be illegal worldwide 

  • Consuming local is better than consuming global

  • We should know where our food comes from and what processes were used

  • We don't need to go faster, stronger and richer

  • Politics is broken and some business are taking us in the wrong direction

  • As Designers, we can help society to do better




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