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About 51% of the population of Bogota, supplement their energy needs with obsolete and underperforming objects that generate unnecessary expenses. The fridge, represents 30% of total electricity consumption. If these families would not have to pay for that consumption could save that money and invest in food, school supplies and transportation.


Despensa is a food preservation furniture system without electrical energy for Colombian rural communities, and it is able to prevent  domestic food contamination  diseases such us salmonella by improving the food conditions.


First Place, Premio Corona Pro Habitat


First place, Premios PAD 2014, design for sustainability category


Finalist, "uno mas todos" Postobon + Socialab 2015


2014 - Student project - Strategic product Design-  Co designed with Catalina Mojica and Amparo Alvarez

Client : Corona SA


"Slowfood" and "Zerowaste"  Experience


Seeks to create an emotional relationship between people and their health through a different approach to food conservation. This experience encourages and generates conscious consumption behaviours at home.

This project was designed to supporting the "Slow Food" and "Zero Waste" movements.

2015 - Student project - BA Thesis


Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

 Minimum viable product concept.
Panela is a  traditional  ingredient, it is a natural unrefined whole cane sugar, with high energy levels. 

The use of panela is a big opportunity to expand the ice tea  market in Colombia, replacing regular sugar and connecting people emotionally with tradition.

This product reduces the footprint by replacing the plastic label for stamped information and replacing the plastic  bottle with glass.



2014 - Student project - Design of New Products-  Co-designed with Joel Velazquez, David Hernandez, Sebastian Lozano



Interactive storage and Brand Positioning

Brand and Product Strategy. Punto Saeta is an interactive storage experience. It was developed to be exposed in sports scenarios, such as "futbol 5"  fields.

This product allows the company to display the brand and exhibit while customers use it to storage their personal objects.



2014 - Student project - Strategic product Design-  Co designed with Catalina Mojica and Amparo Alvarez

Client : Saeta Sports


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