Bicycle Parking Service



In Bogotá more than 300 km of bicycle lanes, stretching from the slum areas and suburbs into the capital centre been, have been built. The bicycle lanes are an ongoing project under concurrent development, unfortunately, the public parking spots are insecure and some people prefer to use the car.

 We designed a  Service system to promote the use of bicycles in Bogotá by encouraging people to book a parking spot before the go out or on their way. Those spots are located all around the city in private locations such us restaurants.


This service offers information in real time and offers benefits for both, clients B2B for example, discounts or a premium treatment and clients B2C, for instance, advertisement and more customer flow.


2013 - Entrepreneurship project, APP - Interdisciplinaty team-  Co designed with Juliana Soto, Sofia Torres and David Villamizar

Client: MinTIC



Design Thinking - Incremental Innovation




Using the "Minimum viable product", "Behavior change strategy cards", from IDEO ,and "Design thinking", our team reconstructed the "Colombian fried chicken industry" by developing a new experience  causing an incremental innovation solution for the fast food sector. In Colombia, the fried chicken Industry has not been improved for many years .Gallus could open the fast food market and breaks the myth that fried chicken is boring and a second-rate product.


Some people like to eat after they go out, however, they end up at Mc'Donalds eating french fries or nuggets. What if they have a better option?



2014 - Student project - Design of New Products-  Co designed with Joel Velazquez, David Hernandez, Sebastian Lozano



Drones for Coffe Plantations

The Colombian Geographic is characterized by its diverse topography given by the three branches of the Andes crossing the country from the South to the North. It is weather, fauna and flora vary considerably depending on the altitude. The coffee plantations are located in steep areas and everyday people have to make long journeys detecting plantation diseases.


Tesgro drones make a journey finding out which plants have a disease by scanning the color and temperature levels and look for plants ready to harvest, helping people save time and money by going to specific areas. 


This is an innovation design process by using trending gadgets  such us drones combined with alternative technologies like Tesla.

2014 - Student project - Design of New Products-  Co designed with Joel Velazquez, David Hernandez, Sebastian Lozano



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